Here and There

we believe that children have an enormous potential and are capable, responsible citizens inside our society. We believe that all the relationships to which children are exposed to at this very young age, have an influence in their lives. Therefore, we strive to make these first years rich in interactions, full of respect, love, companionship, understanding and responsibility and encourage them to always be the best version of themselves.

At Here and There We...

Love and respect one another
Love what we do
Love to learn
Build emotional intelligence
Love to experience
Empathize with others
Learn to trust ourselves
Learn to make mistakes
Reflect from our mistakes

Who We Follow

John Dewey’s

Progressive Education

John Dewey’s basis relied on the fact that one cannot learn without motivation. Knowledge is seen as a social condition and it is our responsibility to support children construct their own learning.

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Loris Malaguzzi’s

Reggio Emilia Philosophy

Among the main principles of this philosophy are: the image of the child, as a strong capable and creative person; the role of the teacher, where she is a partner in the learning process.

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Howard Gardner’s

Multiple Intelligences

This theory differentiates intelligence into specific “modalities”, rather than seeing intelligence as a single general ability. Gardner divided these modalities into eight “intelligences”.

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How We Work

We work based on an Annual Projects Plan

All the groups will enjoy the same project in their own range of development. Every group will have different academic goals through a wonderful journey of hands-on experiences.


Every Project is worked on a quarterly basis throughout the year

and one leads to the other, giving the child the understanding of continuity and process awareness. At the end of each quarter, parents and teachers meet and discuss each child’s participation and accomplishments.


Each group consists of 5 to 6 students basis throughout the year

and one teacher, which allows for a very personalized and targeted education experience.



At Here and There children are encouraged to form inner discipline rather than simply obey without understanding. Our main goal is to have freedom with discipline.

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